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Makes your analysis easy thanks to online information coming from several providers
recupera 2.0

collection platform

Fast startup thanks to a workflow engine and Cloud/Saas mode
IQ - Intelligence Query

software support to trace the debtor

Speed up the contact tracing, clearing the check costs

predictive analysis of your credits to be recovered

Fix the value of your portfolio using the new static and punctual variables


Nettuno Solutions was founded in 1998 and since then offers ISP services and develops software dedicated to business information. Databrain, the first product with own trade mark, summarizes these experiences and is addressed to business information agencies and to InfoCamere Distributors.

Further to the market evolution, Databrain has become a full suite both for credit analysis and for debt collection support activity.

In 2009 the attention to the technologies evolution and the experiences gained in data processing lead Nettuno Solutions to create recuper@2.0, the platform which “re-invents” the philosophy of information system for debt collection.

The solutions with own brand and the sector knowhow represent the added value, that Nettuno offers to its customers to reach and develop their goals.

Starting from April 2017, after an experimental period, Nettuno became a Smart Working Company.

Banco BMP
Federalpol Risk Agency
Fides - servizi per il credito
Lam Service
Link Financial
Gruppo Osirc

Our Team

Claudio Borriello
Vincenzo Borriello
Marco Casamento
Nicola Costanzo
Christian Cozzolino
Aniello Pepe
Francesco Rizzo


Predico (PREdictive model for Debt scorIng and Cti Optimitazion) was born in 2012 as a internal research project in Nettuno Solutions. Predico combines Nettuno experience in debt Collection with the one in Business information.

In subsequent years, university partners CINI and CNIT and industrial partner Innovaway Spa joined the project in order to industrialize the solution in the first half of 2016.

  • Predico target is to provide a scoring for a credit portafolio (in particular for Banking & Finance NPL portafolio).
  • The system uses some informative sources internal to the portafolio we want to analyze (e.g. debtor registry and debt principal field) and some external ones which are puntual and statistical (Agency of the territory, Banca D’Italia, ISTAT and all the others which are present on Predico Dashboard). All the variables are georeferenced and hooked on time, in order to allow more robust trainings.
  • Predico is characterized by an innovative mix of predictive algorithms.


recuper@2.0 "re-invents" the philosophy of information system for debt collection: from the management for file-centred functions to the management of processes based on ID data of subjects of business.

  • Thanks to its modularity, recuper2.0 allows a fast startup by minimising the impacts on internal systems and on Customer ITT
  • Completely configurable and customizable, recuper@2.0 permits the almost immediate adjustment to the scenaries changes of debt collection management.
  • Book-keeping, provisional computation, statement of accounts, import-export, workflow. Each need finds a solution in recuper@2.0
managed positions
of entrusted capital
Banco BMP

predico e affidoDiscover how recuper@2.0 can support your outsourcer management and your collectors network using assignment process with two simple clicks, checking continuously your performances with the integrated analysis tools.

Discover our assignment
management process with this case study.

Time Management in recuper@2.0: automate debt collection cycle, schedule single or recurrent workflow with Collection Manager tool.

Discover recuper@2.0
Collection Manager

Microsoft .net framework
Windows Azure


SOA Architecture and Microsoft technology state of the Art: .Net4.5 with Workflow Foundation, Windows Communications Foundation and web interface based on Silverlight.

recuper@2.0 authentication levels are based on Federated Identity, implementing the Single Sign On towards third systems.

External Sources

recuper@2.0 is provided with a gateway for the acquisition, collection and management of public data coming from Official Register (InfoCamere) and from the main players on the market of the credit and debt information, automatically improving the matching of ID data among all subjects of company universe.


recuper@2.0 fulfils all needs of file cycle and of mandates, thanks to its configurable and customizable instruments, which allow the immediate modification of operative processes.

Integrated Communication

The telephone bar of recuper@2.0 integrates all best known VoIp and Contact Center systems, permitting the best management of activities on the file.

Standard Features

  • Fully web based user interface
  • Autentication based on Federated Identity
  • Multilingual (default IT/EN)
  • File acquisition/updating
  • Data validation and integration
  • Subjects census and data relationship activity
  • Automatic assignment
  • Cash facility management, in currency too
  • Double entry book-keeping
  • Debt treatment with schedule
  • Auditing and quality check
  • Reporting with processing notes (for mandate/commissioner)
  • Management and issue of passive statement of accounts
  • Management of agency nets/collection services/external correspondents
  • Office automation for mail report creation and send.

Extended Features

  • r2 WorkFlow Designer
    A Processes generator (with relative status) and a workflow designer for their management. The expert user can “design” his own business scenary with a completely visual application, bonding the execution of functions represented by the created process to operative events
  • r2 DSL Studio
    Due to the complexity and variety of computation in some critical processes as the performances and active/passive concerns determination, an easier langauge has been implemented, so that the user can generate and integrate real procedure in his information system in a very easy way, similar to an Excel funtion.
  • r2 Doc Manager
    Documents management for the storing of every kind of documents and/or file and the link with every specific entities of recuper@2.0 (subject, file, payments, contracts). An integrated viewer with user interface allows the use ot the most common image formats without the necessity of file download. Each document can be marked with 4 parameters which identifies its kind
  • r2 Phone Client
    Native integration of a telephone bar with file working processes and for intercom calls with the users of recuper@2.0. Furthermore it grants the check of phone time and calls, and stores all necessary information for statistic use. Each call is generated by the system and the rubrica is linked to the argument of the call
  • r2 DataBrain
    It allows to require and use the information managed by DataBrain and by ist module IQ-Intelligence Query directly from recuper@2.0. All information are represented, by a check bar, directly on the file with a visual and traffic-light bar.
  • r2 Commercial Debt Pack
    Web Portal, graphycally customizable, addressed to final customers, users of debt collection services. This makes recuper@2.0 ready-use also for the management of commercial debt collection customers/files


IQ – Intelligence Query is addressed to debt collection operators, by automating the activity of debtor first tracing.

  • IQ clears the cost/operator for basic checks thanks to its automation towards public and free-of-charge databases
  • IQ visual interface allows an immediate evidence of debtor situation, supporting the best processing strategy
  • IQ is available both in version Cloud/Saas and System2System
processed reports
addresses found
protested found
telephone numbers found
Fides - servizi per il credito
Link Financial
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft .net framework

IQ, usable both as web interface and emmendable within company information system, is available in three versions:


  • 3 possible research keys: registry data, Fiscal Code, Address
  • 3 public DB: Land Registry, Protests Registry, Public Telephone DB
  • Row data are processed by a string matching evolved algorithm and offered as synthetic report
  • Fully structured Database
  • Interface with company information service by webservices

IQ Inside

  • Same IQ functions
  • Blocked licence at 40.000 (Fortythousand) annual processing
  • No infrastructural cost for server or dedicated dbms (Cloud at Nettuno DataCenter)


  • Same IQ functions
  • Gateway towards business information providers
  • Subject’s ID data
  • Webservices for external dialogue (from and for)


DataBrain generates valued connections among your information, making credit analysis faster and debt-collection activity easier.

  • DataBrain allows the online acquisition of information from more providers at the same time
  • Thanks to its software engine, DataBrain permits to streamline and historicize information in a structured mode, to avoid redundancies and waste of money
  • DataBrain integrated interface permits to represent all useful information in a single template, making easier and faster the actibity of the operators
calls to external providers
reports delivered
Microsoft .net framework
Microsoft SQL Server

The Gateway function to external sources and of “engine” for data processing and storage permits the implementation in several environments:

Companies’ Trustworthy

Tracing Support


Report/Integrated Dossier


Companies’ trees and maps

Monitoring (Chamber of Commerce data, detrimental items, Land Registry information)


  • DataGateway
    It represents the connection with external sources of data both online and offline, both official and coming from third parties. Furthermore it permits the direct link to the services of “Companies Register” of InfoCamer in a completely structured manner
  • Builder Monitor
    - It offers a fundamental support in the management of a big volume of positions for long period (both private and juridical persons). It’s possible to monitor both events provided by Companies’Register and by Land Registry
  • Information Editor
    - It’s a client solution for the management of back office and for the compilation of offline investigative reports. It is mainly addressed to business information agencies and permits, by appropriate “little bricks”, to generate customized product layouts
  • Find Real estates
    Automatic connection with Land Regsitry. The connection is online, while the service, which is completely structured, is delivered with a short delay
  • Information Builder
    It is the “engine” for the creation of a line of “aggregated” products (dossier/report) which can be used automatically and online. Builder gets connection with all available source, also the not indexed ones, thanks to algorithms of artificial intelligence
  • DNA – Discovery Network Alliances
    It computes and designs online, on an interactive map, companies links between companies and private persons, enabling the surfing within the peers. Moreover it can compute the real owner of a company starting from direcrt and indirect links of the members.
  • Users Manager
    Client Module for client administrative management: ID data, price lists, contracts/orders, chargings, users and profiles, consumptions statement of accounts, etc… Funcionts included also in recuper@2.0 layout 2014. Official Chamber of Commerce Survey Infocamere


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